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6/30: save compatibility broken with this change


3/16: 3/14: 3/11: 3/10: 3/2: 2/21: 2/17: 2/16: Obvious two-week vacation. :D 2/2: 1/27: 1/20: 1/19: 1/16: 1/14: 1/13: 1/11: 1/9: 1/7: 1/6: 1/2: 1/1: 12/30: 12/29: 12/28: 12/27: 12/25:
merry christmas! developer laziness during vacation. ;)

Potion of gain energy's Pw recharge abilities enhanced
Tinfoil hat/Psi bolt/MR bug fixed
Christmas trees added for appropriate date ranges

Gender-neutrality achieved in "enrage" spell
"most common wishes" tracker added to website
Walking over kelp (or other underwater objects) with WDSM will no longer bring it to surface
Putting on hat of clarity should update display properly for immobile seen-via-telepathy monsters
GDSM should now properly return 'dead' on fatal poison so corpses aren't left twice
Windows binaries updated again

Bug fix: tame critters won't cast "enrage" anymore
Windows binaries updated (finally :)

12/9: save compatibility broken
Soft clock added: as time passes, monsters will show up with ever-slowly increasing frequency until a maximum rate is reached.
-- Once you perform the Invocation, the frequency will be set to the maximum.
#twoweapon now costs time to swap in and out of
Bug fix: peacefuls shouldn't stomp on MZ_TINY anymore
Internal: berserk switched to toggleable flag
Internal: New M4_ flag space added in permonst structure
Fighting makes noise now and will wake sleeping monsters
-- Monsters which have been magically "slept" are not affected by this
Nun and cultist monster placeholders added
Salt and salt-water object placeholders added
Foocubus power restoration effect brought back in line
New monster spell: enrage
Can't put fake Amulets of Yendor in bags, either, now
Version updated to 0.5.0

Vanilla 'bug' fix: exploding fireballs on yourself upgraded to full, not half damage
Priests, monks, wizards, healers, and knights no longer take significantly less damage from explosions: be more careful with fireballs/cone of cold :P
Magic missile no longer does as much damage/level as fireball; if you're Expert in attack, you get a slight damage bonus but still not as much

Non-Castle wands of wishing no longer rechargable
Bug fix: Demons should no longer ask for ten-digit bribes

Unicorn horns no longer fix attribute loss. Restore ability still works fine ;)
Riders gain a new means of affecting their environment

Wizard HP base changed to match Ranger to hew closer to original design intent
Ranger's special spell changed from Invisibility to Detect Monsters
Barbarian's special spell bonus significantly increased, and "basic" skill in Escape spells granted... so he has some hope of casting it before XL30, Int23, and a robe
Robe's casting bonus when not wearing metallic body armor halved
Some more spell levels tweaked:
-- Detect monsters now level 3, not 1
-- Detect unseen now level 2, not 3
-- Detect food now level 1, not 2
-- Invisibility now level 2, not 4
-- Restore ability now level 2, not 4
...Not that these last three are significantly better yet, but at least if a player finds them early in the game he'll be able to use them now.
-- Dig now level 4, not 5
-- Jumping now level 2, not 1
Bug fix: Schroedinger's cat box can now have things put in it post-cat
Bug fix: small sacks should no longer be generated containing things you couldn't put back into the sack
Snarks and boojum no longer generated invisible
Nazgul have a new attack...

11/24 through 11/30
developer laziness period! Nothing done at all. Mmmmm, lazy.

Fix umber hulk's gaze confusion message to not display if you're resistant

Add new spelling exception for "spellbook of repair armour"
Wizard will intervene() more often after he's killed or invocation performed

Scores now calculated up front along with logfile writing (for HUP bug fix); logfile score would now be written correctly again. (Record file (aka "top ten") was never broken.)
Mysterious force removed.
-- The goon squad will show up more often when you're coming back up from Gehennom though, and often near the stairs...

Demon bribe amount upgraded to slightly more obnoxious level

Windows binaries updated
Bug fix: bags of poo enumerate correctly in dumplogs now
Cavemen's mastodon taming bonus now only permitted with veggie foods

Bug fix: oilskin sacks can now hold things again
Bug fix: New magic helms/gauntlets flagged as 'magic' properly

11/11: save compatibility broken with this change
Bug fix: bags of tricks now blow up bags of holding again; other bags no longer do
New item: small sacks. Probability taken from other tool types, so they should overall increase the chances of getting a "useful bag" type randomly in the dungeon.
New mechanic: sacks, oilskin sacks, and large boxes have a maximum capacity, and most "big" things don't fit in small sacks
-- Other containers also have a max capacity, but it should be sufficiently difficult to reach as to not impact play.
New shields added (placeholders given non-zero random generation chance now)
Two new helms added to the mix
Two new pairs of gloves added to the mix
Details for the new items behind here.
Uruk-hai shields now also get orcish bonus (previously only red-eyed shields did)

Extra dragon scale and dragonscale mail effects added for all but silver and grey DSM.
-- Details behind this link.
Bug fix: angels of foo no longer appear with extra spaces in the name
Vanilla bug fix: time distortion in lava corrected (with so much extra lava around, best to have this one cleaned up)
Winged gargoyle base level increased slightly to push generation slightly deeper
Bag tools that break due to erosion will dump their contents onto the ground
Bug fix: Master Key of Thievery no longer eligible for breakage due to erosion
Applying a whip to a tame creature or foocubus now has an effect
Windows binaries updated

Bug fix: add #ifdefs to all makeannounce() calls so it'll compile with WISH_TRACKER off

Bug fix: Eating intrinsics shouldn't display messages for stuff you got for race/role/experience levels
Bug fix: Sunsword now properly warns of undead, not gelatinous cubes
Broken-english lifesave announcements added to wishtracker file
Windows binaries updated

Intrinsics have changed!

The following intrinsics are no longer binary: Fire, Cold, Shock, Poison, Disintegration, and Sleep.
-- These now all can range from 0% to 100% resistance; damage and other effects will be reduced proportionately, depending on how resistant the player is.
-- Corpses that provide resistances now always provide some level of increase to the corresponding resistance; however, the amount of increase is dependent on the weight of the corpse.
-- Tins of (corpse) meat still provide increased resistance value as though they were the entire (corpse).
-- Dragons are the baseline; they provide 100% of a particular resistance when eaten.
-- External sources of resistance (rings, amulets, etc.) provide 100% of that resistance.
-- If you are polymorphed into a foo-resistant monster, that provides 100% foo resistance.
-- Crowning still provides 100% of the appropriate resistance intrinsics.
-- Enlightenment will advise the player of how resistant they are.
Wish tracker enhanced to record Amulet pickup (in Sanctum only) and Planes entry

Bug fix: segfault causing crashes found and removed
-- I think this will also fix the monsndx[] panics, since those are occurring in the same piece of code
Wishtracker's information order reordered slightly

Bug fix: new bag type now #lootable
Wishtracker now reports 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. wish (per game)

Wield-on-fire order changed so selected launcher is wielded before autoquiver is called; this allows autoquiver to correctly pick ammo
Some enhancements to Forkney's !whereis (#sporkhack only)

Wish tracker implemented. All wishes will be logged to a wish-tracker file in the playground with game turn, player name, and the string of what was wished for.
-- Forkney in #sporkhack now announces wishes in real-time, of course.

Windows binaries available!
Role init cleanup/bug fixes:
-- Quiverable objects should start in player's quiver.
-- Launchers should start as "chosen ranged weapon".
-- Other weapons should be assigned primary/alternate weapon slots as appropriate.
Rogue's starting weapon changed to stiletto instead of shortsword in burst of whimsy

Bug fix: was possible in a rare case to walk off the edge of the map while spilling lava
Vanilla fix: Death's touch will now harm monsters
Vanilla 'fix': Monsters' thrown/fired weapons mishandling player AC when AC is negative

Cleanup: some corner-cases about "chosen ranged weapon" handled better
-- characters that start with one will start with it auto-chosen
-- can no longer keep selecting it if it's in a container or dropped
Cursed amulets of life saving may not work all the time...
toptenwin option temporarily disabled to avoid obscure bug
Sample autopickup_exceptions rules added to default .rcfile
-- link to default .rc added to webpage for existing players to review

Bug fix: poisoned arrows no longer always 'toxic' (and clearly don't hit often enough, since this bug is probably 3 months old...)

Spilled lava will now be lit (added to new "spill" command in level compiler)

10/14: save compatibility broken
'F'iring arrows will now autowield your default launcher first, if you have one selected
-- Corresponding new command: %, allows you to ready a default launcher.
-- (yes, it's unintuitive, but it's also one of the only non-extended keys left)
Iron safes: Cannot be kicked or forced: extremely low chance to crack unless you're a Rogue
-- Magical opening methods work fine; you'll need a stethoscope to try manually
-- Only show up deeper in the dungeon, but may have more treasure inside
-- Known interface issue: if you're cracking it while standing on it, you must use > instead of . due to existing stethoscope functionality
Falling rocks trap (sic): only appears beyond level 15
Gehennom may have lava spills into the room areas... watch your step!
Token humor: New type of bag that's a longer-lasting light source... at the cost of stealth.
Bug fix: One shopkeeper wand message was mis-displaying
Bug fix: Demon princes won't generate weird money2mon errors if you aren't carrying gold when they ask for a bribe
Bug tracker: The mysterious monsndx panic() bug will now try to report what monster it was thinking of when it freaked.
Version updated: 0.4.1

Messages related to monsters teleporting you cleaned up
Thrown/fired stuff now all gets a reduced strength bonus.
-- This is a tiny increase for 'fired' stuff, and a big decrease for 'just hucked'.
-- This also fixes the bug with wielding a two-hander and GoP and getting +14 to thrown darts. Oops.
Speculative fix related to stuff stepping on stuff even if it can't see you

Speculative bug fix related to summon-nasties code

New magic trap effect: may toggle intrinsic invisibility.
New magic trap effect: cause hallucination and remove trap.
Polytraps now have a chance of being used up when a monster steps on them.
Monsters without hands can't pick up gold, rocks, or gems.
Demon princes will now ask for noticeably more gold as a bribe; this may well exceed the amount of gold the player is carrying and/or has stashed.
-- This is far from a complete solution, but is a token step in the right direction.
All demon princes can now cast wizard spells.
"Summon nasties" from a demon prince has a significantly higher chance of making demons.
Design fix: Critters who can cast 'fly' will only do it if angry or tame.
Bug fix: Space added to description of polymorphed priests. ("dragon priest", not "dragonpriest")
Bug fix: demon princes weren't demanding bribes very aggressively

10/6: Any ttyrecs on the server more than 7 days old are now being gzipped to save space. This process will run every night.

foosh's OSX tweaks merged into main branch; uncomment #define OSX in unixconf.h. Thanks foosh :D
-- I can't compile on OSX; if anyone else finds more tweaks necessary, send me a unified diff!

Flavor naming added for certain dragons

"Carroll beasts" renamed to "looking-glass creatures"
Greasy potions perform more as advertised
Bug fix: monsters out of sight stepping on spear trap no longer reported

Bad pun added for land mines
"Big enough" hostile monsters may attack your pets.
Some monsters are "berserk" and will attack anything that isn't their own kind between them and you -- if you're in visual range.
Almost any monster will step on insects or other MZ_TINIES in the way to reach you.
Berserk monsters do extra damage when fighting you. -- Some low-level monsters' base damage has been downgraded to avoid wrecking early game
Purple worm digestion damage upgraded
"big q" sizes upgraded from LARGE to HUGE
Ordinary demon speeds all upgraded to at least 9 (aka 'somewhat meaningful')
Juiblex and Geryon upgraded to speed 6 (aka 'get to move occasionally')

Bug fix: 'J' are now "Carroll beasts", not "jabberwocks".
Bug fix: Can't ride snarks or boojum anymore

9/9: save compatibility broken
Bug fix for long worms possibly having 0hp after split (vanilla)
Killing your Quest Leader now opens up the barrier blocking the downstairs for your quest.
- Your leader will never seal the portal behind you on expulsion.
- Your leader is probably a little tougher than he used to be.
Bug fix: wizard 'goal' level had corrupt character and this was offsetting central hallway
New spell: "repair armor". Removes one level of each erosion type per cast of a random piece of worn armor. Will not fooproof armor.
Amulet of power's effect now displays in enlightenment list
New monster spell: "fly". Does what it says on the tin. Available to both wizard and clerical spellcasters.
New monsters: snarks (and boojum :)
some token new shields added (as placeholders mostly, and flagged no-random-gen)
output for whereis files enhanced to show more detailed tourist information
Gehennom levels no longer no-teleport, but the Amulet of Yendor now blocks _all_ teleportation
Monster casters slightly (only slightly, though) smarter about which spell they pick
Some golems get a HP increase
Warning changed to use monster difficulty, not straight level; should be slightly more meaningful
Spear traps added
MR no longer protects against anti-magic fields; effect increased significantly. -- Anti-magic fields now have an effect on monsters.
Patchlevel updated to 0.4.0 FWIW

When you finish your quest and report to your Quest Leader, your Quest artifact will be made erodeproof
Panic teleport now occurs _after_ trying to crawl out of water, not before
Binary will now look for .sporkrc, defaults.sh (on win32/dos), or SporkHack.cnf; if it finds none of these, will drop through to old .nethackrc, etc.
Bug fix: stethoscopes will correctly detect non-critter eggs (currently incorrectly detecting them)
Bug fix: Don't show 'glows brown' if player is blind during destroy armor
You-knew-this-was-coming fix: Backstab bonus on thrown weaponry removed

"Special" hobbit's occurrence cut in half; ring of invisibility he starts with now cursed
Reflection spell now gives a visible warning when time remaining is running low
Monsters will notice expiration of reflection spell and update mindset accordingly
"You murderer" now triggers on killing always-peacefuls regardless of race
Stethoscopes can identify an egg's type
Bug fix: shopkeeper purchase pricing cleaned up for multiple objects of a single type
Bug fix: human racism now should actually work
Bug fix: clerical 'lightning' spell handled reflection/shock resistance combo improperly

Minor: "Program in disorder" message changed to suggest save-and-restore instead of #quit since this often can fix problems
Bug fix: "destroy armor" spell now destroys any 'thoroughly' damaged armor, regardless of damage type; additional erosion levels still added to oeroded2 for now
Bug fix: god will no longer create Dirge from your weapon if he's angry or if your alignment isn't positive
Bug fix: werebane now detects werethings, not 'd' things
Demonbane will be adjusted to player's starting alignment if player chooses Priest role; it won't be a guaranteed first gift, but it will at least be in the Priest's chain of sac gifts.

All 'e' monsters now non-genocidable to be consistent with magical eyes since they're basically magical constructs like golems
TIMED_DELAY defined so that using non-teleport 'runmodes' will work properly
Bug fix: missing comma between armor-shop strings

Alert version for "Q" command changed to 0.2.0; suppress_alert:0.3.0 in .RC file will now work properly
Cosmetic: a couple more 'Nethack' references changed to 'SporkHack'
Monsters' hit dice now based partly on their size; bigger monsters roll bigger dice, smaller ones roll smaller dice.

Quick fix for orcish shopkeepers buying for too much
Elementals see invisible. (displacement sucks less!)
Snickersnee gets +d5 to hit (last artifact without to-hit bonus)
Excalibur from fountains is for lawful Knights only now
Shopkeepers should now yell shop-specific things
Stair placement in mines-like Gehennom levels randomized more

8/5: Save-breaker update; lots of changes. Now version 0.3.0
Monsters will now pay attention to any resistances you exhibit, and may avoid using attacks that cater to that resistance. This includes (but is not limited to) breath attacks and wand zaps.
-- Yes, they may notice things like you being hit by a thrown potion of sleep and ignoring it, as well as the effects of various traps.
Some monsters are "eagle-eyed" and get a bonus to-hit.
Monsters with big attacks or artifacts will prefer using those to wands or other offensive items, unless they can't reach you; the exceptions here are "incapacitator" items like sleep and death.
Monsters with death wands are slightly smarter about their use.
Version and name changed in some locations; if you are using suppress_alert in your .rc this will confuse it (change to 0.3.0, new arbitrary version #)
Remove instances of 'affected' from resistance messages when zapped so messages when blinded don't look silly
Wizard changes, aka "So you wanted to be Mister Spellchucker, huh?":
-- Wizards start with a cloak of protection, not magic resistance.
-- Wizards start with an additional spellbook: protection.
-- Wizards can no longer wear body armor of _any_ type without incurring a hard ceiling to their spell success chances; the higher level the spell, the lower the ceiling.
-- There is a new spell, "reflection"; level 6, matter. It does what you'd expect and lasts roughly as long as "haste self". Stacked castings will have a smaller cumulative effect.
Small bug fix for encouraging monsters to prefer artifact weapons over wands; this one never made it to the server, so it should never have been in the field, but still.
Libraries added to Wizard quest goal level.
Bug fix: arithmetic exception related to power regeneration removed.
Bug fix: orcish shopkeepers would sometimes sell orcs low-cost items for 0.
Elementals who are on their home plane get double damage as well as the increased HP and HD they already got in vanilla.
-- (Except air elementals, who hit hard enough already.)
Helm of opposite alignment behaves less randomly for neutrals
Bug fix: topten.c was writing to logfile in old format due to version # change

Fix for super-high CON bonus getting reset to 0 during magical HP gain ("oops")
Racial (and racist) shopkeepers may increase prices or give discounts...
STR damage bonus doubled when wielding a two-handed weapon
Gauntlets of power give +7 damage bonus, not +6
Twoweapon to-hit boost reverted to vanilla level

Deadly poison does 4d6 and lops off a hunk of maxHP instead of causing instadeath
... (still kills monsters instantly, just the player gets a 'break')
HP gain changes -- external methods of HP gain now scale after a point based on your role, race, and CON bonuses, and how your current maxHP relates to its own possible maximum.
Pets now understand passive disease attacks.
Monks finally get their to-hit skill bonus

To-hit tweaks; higher weapon skill levels give bigger bonuses. wand and spell chances improved.
Cleaned up whereis patch for non-unix systems
Twoweapon penalties to-hit made less brutal
Priests will no longer be unrestricted in edged weapon skills
Monks and wizards will no longer be unrestricted in _any_ weapon skill they didn't start with
Placeholder tiles added for new objects/monsters; yes, they look odd, they're placeholders
Bug fix: candleabrum message about rapidly consumed no longer displayed unless appropriate
Dragonbane changed to dwarvish spear so it'll show up less often
Probability of slings cut way down so Giantslayer will show up less often
top-ten stuff fixed so players will get recorded correctly (server problem only)

Gehennom cavern levels now surrounded with lava outside walls, not stone (level compiler enhancement)
Bug fix: cloned monsters could get maxhp of 0 (thanks for chasing this down, PsyMar)
Bug fix: segfault on check for wielded Demonbane during monster summon if player is a monk

Skittish behavior cleaned up so monsters quit hitting themselves ("oops")
Boots of molasses no longer display 'slowdown' message if already slowed

7/22: some quickies
Cancelling spell direction no longer re-uses last direction, instead picks random not-you direction
Peaceful shopkeepers in their shops will 'cry their wares' at you as you pass by; they won't do this if you're in a shop already though
Polearms now 'remember' which monster you last attacked with one, and the cursor starts there next time you try to apply the polearm if the monster is still alive.

7/21: quite a few; save compat still fine
Conflict changes... ;)
-- A monster must see and be seen by you to be affected by conflict.
-- Monsters now resist based partly on level difference to you, partly on your CHA. Higher CHA == more likely that monsters will be 'inspired' to be hostile to other monsters.
Enchanted gloves give +hit/+dam bonus when using fisticuffs
Fisticuffs damage rolls cleaned up slightly (25% chance of no bonuses removed)
"Slow" status now shows on bottom line
Filthy little hack in for "placing defunct monster" vanilla bug; still whines, but shouldn't crash now
Ordinary armor all reduced in weight noticeably; frequency of some armor tweaked slightly. Splint mail now made of bamboo.
Racial mithril no longer explicitly generated on "ordinary" monsters of that race
MC3 only protects at 90% now, not 98%
Covetous monsters (Juiblex, etc.) who are peaceful will not keep teleporting next to you and will instead move normally
Fixed loophole where basic twoweapon would let you wield restricted primary weapons without 75% penalty
Added dex bonus to #forcing with a blade; str bonus to #forcing with a bashy.
Orb of Fate loses half spell damage
Vlad no longer respects scrolls of scare monster

Bug fix: undamageable items weren't showing damage in inventory from destroy armor, though they were being damaged
Bug fix: candelabrum was freaking out if you tried to turn it off before doing Invocation

7/17: some changes, save compatibility _not_ broken
chargeable rings now explode less frequently
Player to-hit modifications: monster AC has a significant boost related to monster level; player level's effect on +hit capped; luck's effect reduced
-- This was done on a curve so it shouldn't start to show up 'til the mid- to late- game. Kobolds are _not_ suddenly going to become noticeably harder to hit.
Mysterious force now affects all alignments equally (as if Chaotic)
... Rodney shows up in person more often for Lawfuls/Neutrals, though
Add the dumplog patch
Bug fix: making Lifestealer NOGEN broke Vlad getting it; now fixed

7/15: a small pile
Touch of death no longer instakills, but drains maxHP and does HP damage.
-- Magic resistance or half spell damage will reduce this by half.
Magic resistance only gives half damage from magic missile now. This stacks with reflection and half spell damage, so if you have all 3, you'll take 1/8 damage.
Melee attacks for some "A" upgraded.
Make Lifestealer nogen so it won't show up through casual sacrificing.
Monster AI upgraded; if you've shown that you're partially proof against an attack type (reflection v. fire wand, striking v. MR) they'll avoid that attack type unless they have nothing better to use.
... This means that most monsters who zap wands will run up to you while zapping and then start meleeing you, unless you don't have an appropriate defense.
Bug fix: Remove choke point from Caveman quest level 3
Bug fix: correct player monsters so cavemen/rangers can actually _use_ twoweapon
Bug fix: Demonbane and Sunsword were hard-coded to be a #named longsword in angelic minion generation, so were showing up as "a long sword named Demonbane" instead of the artifact
Pasi Kallinen's new level compiler implemented
Sokoban prize no longer identifiable by which ending level is chosen
Bashing monsters with a non-weapon gives a different message when you hit the 75% to-hit cap (there's no 'right' way to hit something with a cockatrice corpse)
Locusts slowed to speed 12 so they won't get double disease attacks anymore
Destroy armor no longer instantly destroys armor, but removes "fixed" and does some level of corrosion damage.
-- Maximally corroded items will be destroyed instantly next time they are hit with the spell.
-- Having magic resistance will reduce "some level" to "one level".
Magical eye no longer 'mindless'.
All methods of slowing (shade, wand, eye's gaze attack) now produce temporary 'Slow' intrinsic for 5-15 turns
Candelabrum's candles don't start to be consumed until you perform the Invocation

7/11: just one
Reflection protects carried items from beam attacks 100%, but if the player doesn't have the appropriate resistance, some effects may occur...
-- Damage attacks (fire, cold, electricity, acid, magic missile) do half damage.
-- Disintegration will do some damage, but will not disintegrate anything.
-- Death rays will drain 2d6 max HP and do 2d6 damage as well.
-- Sleep rays will put you to sleep for d6 turns.
-- Poison you get a free ride on. ;)

7/10: some more (bigger) changes
Pasi Kallinen's new bigroom and medusa levels
Fix a couple cases where monsters turn to flee and you don't see them
Fix to actually show damage done by pets attacking grey fungi
Fix the Eye being mis-generated
Fix the vibrating square being not generated in new Gehennom levels
boots of molasses (new intrinsic, "Slow" -- overrides all Fast intrinsics)
Add more tourist information to whereis file
Master liches now colored green and made non-covetous; all liches see invisible
Locusts reverted to "small group" instead of "large"
Centaurs with missile weapons will tend to keep away from you and use ranged attacks

7/6: a couple small changes
Fix status line to honor wider terminals
Knights no longer get metal armor penalties while casting clerical spells
Explore mode disabled

7/4: happy 4th!
Bananas tame apes/monkeys
Wands of death limited on recharge
Detect Foot
Gold Dragon patch added from patch database (Nephi's with a bug fixed)
Iron bars added to the Castle towers; tower sentries upgraded
Drawbridge now takes a turn to open/close; may stick when closing
... this sounds like really poor security, but would it be so sticky if you hadn't smooshed all those hill giants in it? ;)
ad aquarium
Castle wand location now disguised more effectively
Gehennom fill levels switched over to "mines" style maze as opposed to "boring" style maze, and made no-teleport and dark; opinions requested since this could be a major change
Unskilled #twoweapon penalty removed as unnecessary since restricted roles can't even #twoweapon
Artifact prices fixed; no more 200gp Giantslayer :P

Riding time required to advance skill cut in half; maybe someone will reach Expert now
Damaged (rusty, etc.) tools may break when used, depending on level of damage.
Create familiar is now level 3. Charm monster is now level 6.
Warning is now centered roughly on your level, with '3' in the center of the scale.
Experimental pudding farming fix: monsters who split lose half their maxHP. Eventually this will create monsters with maxHP=1, which will no longer split.
The Minetown Watch is a little stronger now ;)
Switch the Knight's special spell to "extra healing" (Paladin, again)

"prior to 6/26"; (before I started significantly tracking changes)

External (ie "not mine") patches applied: HPMon, menucolors, and sortloot
Locusts added: grey a with a disease attack
Beholder added: ("magical eye", for now)
Monsters may resist Elbereth based on their level
Fire and cold gaze attacks still do half damage even if you have the appropriate resistance
amulet of power: regenerates mana (not as fast as the Eye used to, but still good)
Eye of Aethiopica changed: is now a base amulet of power and provides ESP when carried, not worn.
Player gets racial bonuses for being an orc, elf, gnome or dwarf wearing racial armor
Gnomish racial armor added :)
Gray fungus: has a passive disease attack
Vlad is now generated with a chaotic two-handed sword named Lifestealer ;) -- he also gets a spell attack. No more tin openers named Vladbane...

Reduce efficacy of #twoweapon if you're not using a suitable offhand weapon
- Penalty of -30 to hit (cancelling any other weapon skill to-hit bonus) IF:
* You're unskilled or basic and using something bigger than a dagger or crysknife
* You're skilled and using something bigger than a shortsword or spear
* You're expert and using something bigger than a longsword or saber

Some other changes required to balance this a bit:
-- Silver shortsword added
-- Silver and dwarven spear weight adjusted to 30, not 36/35
-- Silver dagger weight adjusted to 10, not 12
-- Cavemen and Rangers now get to #twoweapon at Basic

If you're restricted in a weapon class or "Unskilled", you can never have more than a 75% chance to hit, regardless of all other modifiers.

WhereIs patch available; this will write a file named (playernamestuff).whereis into the level directory that contains information about the player's game state. This file will persist even after the player has saved or died, so at any point a report about "where they are" can be obtained.
(The link is currently disabled because the patch is constantly undergoing upgrades; sorry bout that. Ask me and I'll get it to you if you're curious.)
The file is updated every time the player changes levels, so anything like Rodney will be able to use it to either announce planes entry/etc., or just respond to !whereis Bob questions.

Less Boring Caveman Patch

-- Rubbing any iron object on flint creates sparks, which have a chance of causing fear in unintelligent monsters or undead.
-- All quest nemeses no longer respect Elbereth.

(Just for Cavemen)
-- a)pplying flint stones to a stack of arrows will add +1 to arrows.
** Uses up 1 stone per 10 arrowheads
** Once arrows are +1, they can't get any better
-- God has less chance of doing something nice or fixing minor troubles.
** Major troubles will still be fixed with same frequency!
-- Cannot become unrestricted in edged weaponry; lose dagger skill.
** Axe and knife remain appropriate though (flint axe, flint knife)
-- Can tame a mastodon by throwing food at it.
-- Get bonus HP for remaining illiterate, regardless of threshhold:
Levels 1-4: +1 hp
Levels 5-8: +d2 hp
Levels 9-*: +d3 hp
-- Advancing a level while illiterate exercises wisdom.
-- Get an automatic 20% chance of fail on reading any spellbook.
-- Get +1 rock from slings.
-- Get a crappy first artifact gift: Keolewa, the artifact club with +5 to hit/+d6 damage. (Taken from Hawaiian myth)
-- Get escape category at skilled. (Jumping, haste self)
-- Lose attack spell category. (Non-thematic, plus everyone seems to get attack)
-- Get an an alignment bonus for cannibalism (+5).
-- Convert Caveman quest to jungle. Water. Eels. fs and Ss and Ys and such.
** Level 1, jungle with temple inside.
** Levels 2-3, underground jungle.
** Level 4+, same as before.
** Beartraps and pits should be very common in caveman quest.
** NO WALLED CHOKE POINTS. Diagonal choke points just irritate the player.
.. the pools blocking the paths in some areas are different :)
** Some quest levels switched to arboreal.
** Jaguars jumping out of trees. :)
(ok, no jaguars jumping out of trees yet. but it would be funny.)


++ Make jumping cost only d10, not d25.
++ Knights get a +10 bonus when attempting to ride any 'u'.
** This effectively means that you can always ride your starting pony until it becomes at least a couple notches less tame, and removes one of the biggest nuisances facing new Knight players.
-- Riding speed now based partly on riding skill; need Skilled or better to obtain full natural speed from the mount you're riding.
-- Joust damage now partly based on XL, to reduce early-game impact of having knights be able to always ride from the get-go
-- Magic Mirror no longer doubles attack spells; this was just silly. It also no longer grants magic resistance since MR + reflection in a single item is too strong.
++ Magic Mirror grants reflection to Knights _when carried_; to other classes _when wielded_. Half spell damage replaces the MR.
-- Knights no longer get attack spellskill; closest analogue is a paladin, who was not a damage caster.
++ Weapon skills changed for Knights; notably, several knightly weapons now expert, including polearms
++ Knights don't get metal armor penalties when casting clerical spells (paladins would get this ability from their deity and thus it should work more like prayer)
-- Many violations of the Knight/Lawful code of conduct are -10 alignment now, not -1.
-- Lances cannot be a)pplied like polearms anymore.
-- Knights start with plate mail, not ring mail. Mmmm heavy.
-- Dragons are always generated hostile and awake. Plus, you can't tame dragons, or even make them peaceful.

Knights can now be chaotic!

++ Chaotic longsword replaces Excalibur: Dirge.
* Provides the same level drain resistance as Excalibur
* Permanently poisoned; this works out to +d6 damage and a 10% chance of instakill
* Monsters finding you easier and searching removed
* Obtained as a gift upon a chaotic Knight's same-race sacrifice with longsword in hand
++ alignment penalties obviously no longer apply to chaotics
++ Starting steed is a nightmare, not a pony
* roughly equivalent to a horse, but green and with a poisoned bite
* will NOT grow up into a warhorse!
** Dark Knights get their own rank titles
* Quest text fixed to stop alluding to "pure"
* Ixoth now gets poison resistance; let's not make it a COMPLETE freebie


Grimtooth and all other artifacts listed here now have +d5 to hit.
Orcrist does +d4 damage against everything, double damage against orcs, and warns of orcs.
Sting does +d3 damage against everything, double damage against spiders, and warns of spiders.
Dragonbane is now a normal spear that provides fire, cold, poison, shock, sleep, acid, and disintegration resistance when wielded. It does double damage against dragons, kills dragons instantly 50% of the time on a successful hit, and provides warning against dragons.
Demonbane is a silver mace which does double damage against demons, provides warning against demons, and, when wielded, prevents demons from summoning in your presence.
Werebane provides polymorph control when wielded.
Giantslayer is now a sling which provides warning against giants. Giantslayer kills giants on _any_ successful hit with a rock fired from this sling. Rocks fired from Giantslayer do +d8 damage. Giantslayer provides strength 18/** when wielded OR in your alternate weapon slot.
Ogresmasher provides CON 25 when wielded, does double damage against all ogres, kills ogres instantly 50% of the time on a successful hit, and provides warning against ogres.
Trollsbane does double damage against trolls, kills trolls instantly 50% of the time on a successful hit, and dying trolls do not leave a corpse when Trollsbane is wielded. Trollsbane provides hungerless regeneration when wielded.
Sunsword is now a silver long sword.

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